About Us.

Our Shop Is A Collection Of Amazing People Striving To Bring Delightful Flavors In Your Life.

We are one of the favorite shops for Frozen Yogurt & Ice Cream in Round Rock and Pflugerville. Sometimes nothing is more satisfying than a creamy frozen treat. Our frozen yogurt is made from real yogurt that is why our yogurts have a really smooth texture.

Not into Yogurt? don't worry we got you covered. We also offer amazing Blue Bell ice creams to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings.

Three Scoop of Blueberry Ice Cream
Scoop of Chocolate Ice Cream
Wife Husband Enjoying Ice Cream Cece's Froyo


Free WiFi

Good Music


"Awesome place! Glad they don't make you wear a mask! Freedom! Coronavirus is fake. Buncha sheep and Karen's in these reviews.."
- Mike (Google Maps)

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