Cece's Froyo

Good Ice Creams

Great Yogurts

Amazing Daiquiris

Texan's Most Loved!

We Proudly Serve Great Quality Of Yogurt And Ice Cream.

You can't buy happiness but you can buy frozen yogurt. Our frozen yogurt is made with fresh milk and beneficial live yogurt cultures including probiotics.

A Glass of Big Milkshake


Monday - Sunday | 12PM - 9PM
Yes we are open on weekends!

Our Flavors

Quality Ingredients, Tasty Desserts

One of the finest Frozen Yogurts and Ice Creams in Round Rock & Pflugerville.


Pieces of Black Chocolate


Fresh Mango


Dried Vanilla Pods


Red Fresh Strawberries with Green Leaves


Good Yogurt | Good Ice Cream

New Flavors Every Month

You Will Be Surprised With Our Seasonal Flavors

One of the greatest creations on planet earth since sliced bread 🍞. You will ❤️ it.

Our Gelato blends premium ingredients with fresh milk and cream.

Sorbets are velvety smooth with real fruit purees, juices, and flavorings. Non-dairy and nonfat.

Happy Customers!

"The owner is extremely nice and he let me and my boyfriend try multiple flavors to see what we liked best! I definitely recommend this place to anyone who like frozen daiquiris or good ole froyo!"

- Jasmine S. (Yelp)

"My absolute favorite place for yogurt! Feels good to support local business although I live in Round Rock. Always greeted with a positive attitude. Talk about movies and shows while enjoying so fresh tasty flavors. Has definitely become our favorite place for dessert after dinner. Don't forget to get your card stamped!"

- Liz L. (Yelp)

"Great customer service! The guy at the counter was attentive and friendly! Great selection of fro-yo flavors and toppings. There are other options such as fruit cups and smoothies!"

- Sol Perez (Google Maps)

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